We're your neighbors in Costa Ballena area, and we’d like to introduce a concierge & booking service tailored to homes like yours in the Southern Zone.

As both owners & managers of rental homes in the area, we’re amazed at how many wonderful things there are to do here, and how hard it is for vacation renters to know about them all! Hotels in the area often offer brochures and recommendations to guests, but most private vacation rentals don’t have this advantage and we set out to change that. We started compiling lists of our favorite activities (and we've done a lot), sharing them with visitors in our little slice of paradise, and the feedback has been incredible.  Check it out, we think you’ll like it:


Unlike typical tourist info centers, Costa Concierge focuses on being a web & phone-based enterprise, allowing your guests to discover and reserve an up-to-date variety of activities & services in the area at their own leisure and location. From zip-line tours to massages to surfing, from rainforest hikes to yoga to car rentals, we’ve experience & reviewed all activities on our site to ensure guests have the best experience possible according to their desires.

In addition, CostaConcierge.com keeps current with the pulse of the local communities, providing up-to-date event information like live music, fundraisers, markets, bus schedules & tides. We focus our services only on Costa Ballena and the surrounding Southern Zone, providing guests with an avenue to intimately experience the area that makes your home so special. The result is a free, easy service that provides guests with the type of booking & concierge service typically reserved for larger establishments - leading to a more enjoyable renting experience, higher online reviews & an increase in return rentals.

If this sounds like something your guests may benefit from, try us out. Renters & locals alike use Costa Concierge every day, and we’re confident you’ll be as pleased with our knowledge & professionalism as your renters will be.  

Pura Vida,

- Andrew & Kaitlin Davis